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[Labor Report] Yangshan Port test successfully four boats at night "double set of mooring"

According to the "Labor", this week, the large container ship "Day of the Goddess" and the "COSCO Thailand" rounded off the cable on time, slowly leaving the No. 1 berth and Shengdong No. 4 The berth, while the "Japan Post" and the "Dafei Carlos" rounded by the side of the voyage, slowly leaned towards the berth, and finally safely. It is reported that this marks the successful operation of the first large-scale container ship “Night Double Docking” operation at Yangshan Port, and the operation efficiency of Yangshan Port has been further improved. It is understood that the so-called "night double berthing" operation refers to the operation mode in which two imported ships are berthing at the dockside at night and waiting for the export vessel to leave immediately after leaving the ship. This model requires the precise cooperation of the maritime department, the ship side and the port side, which is difficult to implement and has high technical requirements. The four ships participating in the "double-docking at night" operation are all large-scale international trunk container ships, and the captains have reached 300 meters, which adds a lot of difficulty. According to reports, in order to ensure the smooth implementation of the “double-docking at night” operation, the Yangshan Port Maritime Safety Administration held a safety conference in advance to organize safety coordination between the pilot station, the terminal, and the port company. During the operation, the maritime department supervised the ships participating in the “double-docking at night” through technical means such as VTS system and CCTV video to maintain the order of navigation on site. After the successful implementation of the “double night mooring at night” operation, the ship waiting time can be shortened by 2-3 hours, effectively improving the port operation efficiency.


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