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    Shanghai Huitong Shipping limited liability Founded in September 26 1996, originally engaged river Oil Shipping business enterprises.
  • Shanghai Huitong Shipping co.,ltd



    Shanghai Huitong Shipping Co., Ltd. was established on September 26, 1996. It was
  • Shanghai Huitong Shipping co.,ltd



    The company is made up of a team of professionals who have long been involved in maritime
  • Shanghai Huitong Shipping co.,ltd



    Maintain and improve the existing safety, quality and environmental health system,
  • Shanghai Huitong Shipping co.,ltd



    With heart, patience, and responsibility, we will create a “safe, environmentally friendly

Wang Qiang, general manager of Sinopec Huahua Branch, visited our company to guide the work.

On the morning of May 9, 2018, Sinopec sold the general manager of Huabei Company, Mr. Wang, and his team to the shore-based management office of Huitong Company to inspect and conduct the daily management and controlled training of the shore-based management of our company.


Wang Qiang, general manager of Sinopec Chemicals North China Branch, and his team, guided the work of “Huitong 39 Wheels”

On May 8th, 2018, the logistics department of Sinopec Chemicals North China Branch held an industrial safety production management meeting in Shanghai. In the evening of the afternoon, General Manager Wang Qiang of Sinopec North China Branch and Mr. Fu General Manager led the team to the Shanghai Chemical Industry Terminal. Guide and comprehensively understand the whole process of our company's Huitong 39 heavy-duty berthing and boarding operations inspection. General Manager Wang Qiang went to the Huzhou 39 cabin, boiler room, bridge, cargo control room, etc. to in-depth understanding and see that we are clean and tidy. The ship's appearance is very happy, and we are required to reinvigorate and carry forward the good management system and ensure the safety monitoring and management requirements for the shipment and unloading of dangerous chemicals.


"Huitong 39" round successfully launched

At 11 o'clock on the morning of May 13, our company built a new 5700DWT stainless steel chemical / oil tanker "Huitong 39" round, held a launching ceremony at the Zhoushan Kai Sailing Factory, which is expected to be put into use within two months.


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