Huitong Shipping

Chemical Tanker

Chemical transportation has always been our main business. Our company has 10 domestic and international chemical ships, including Huitong 21, Huitong 22, Huitong 25, Huitong 27, Huitong 37, Huitong 39, Huitong 36, Yongcheng 10, Yongshenghua 6, and Yongtong 1. In 2018, our company completed a total of 277 voyages, with a total cargo volume of 8203333 tons. Our company has worked with numerous hazardous chemical customers, including Sinopec Chemical Sales North China, East China, South China and Jiangsu Branch, PetroChina, CNOOC, Mitsui, Seranis, Sinopec Jihua Logistics, BASF Yangtze, Shanghai Petrochemical, Shanghai Huayi Group, Yantai Ningbo Wanhua, Tenglong Aromatics, Zhuhai Liancheng Chemical Co., Ltd., Quanzhou Sinochem Large petrochemical enterprises, including Yisheng Petrochemical, refineries, and other production enterprises have established good cooperation relationships for bulk chemical shipping. At the same time, they have actively established good interaction and business relations with chemical intermediaries such as Singapore Donggang and Shanghai Peijun to expand customer channels for hazardous chemical transportation and oil and chemical cargo sources. After years of development, the company has gained a good reputation in the bulk chemical transportation industry both domestically and internationally.
In recent years, we have also been a major strategic service provider for the long-term transportation of multiple routes along the Chinese coast and the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River for Sinopec's chemical sales. With a spirit of dedication and diligence, we have ensured the logistics and distribution tasks of the chemical sales company in North China, East China, and South China.